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The purpose of these monthly newsletters is to provide busy parents with practical ways to promote school readiness, parent involvement, and more effective parenting.

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A Parent's Guide to Title I

Title I is the largest source of federal aid to elementary and secondary schools. All Citrus County public elementary and middle schools utilize Title I funds to support a school-wide program. The funds are utilized to add highly qualified staff, support parental and community involvement, improve staff development, purchase additional instructional materials, and technological needs. Our Title I programs help our students do better in school and feel better about themselves.

Parents can become active in your Title I program by doing the following:

  • Learn more about the school, curriculum, special programs, Title I and your rights and responsibilities.
  • Teach your child in ways that will support what the classroom teacher is doing.
  • Participate and support your child academically at school and home.
  • Make decisions about your child's education and academic program.
  • Keep in contact with your child's teacher through telephone, email, or face-to-face conversations.

As a parent of a child in a Title I school, you have the right to the following:

  • Be involved in the planning and implementation of the parent involvement program at your school
  • Ask to read the progress reports on your child and school
  • Request information about the professional qualifications of your child's teacher (s) including the degrees and certifications held, and whether the teacher is certified in their respective area of instruction
  • Help to decide if Title I is meeting your child's needs and offer suggestions for improvement
  • Know if your child has been assigned, or taught by a teacher that is not highly qualified for at least four consecutive weeks
  • Help develop your school's plan for how parents and schools can work together